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What is this ?
Welcome to MagikLife.com.
Your coming to this page itself shows that you want to make your life more interesting, more organised, more better ie., more magical. How do we do that ?
1) Organise life: First and foremost, it’s a place where you can organise your daily life. By filling up list of family and friends, their birth dates, anniversary dates, contact details, photo album etc., you will save lot of time and energy in future on finding it out. Now you know where to go and get it all in one place. You can also choose to display selectively or hide, all or any information.
2) Daily routine and to do list: We all know how much we want to be disciplined. But are we really are ? Do we have the tool to help us be more disciplined ? Here is a paragraph from the book ”The Road Less Travelled”: Discipline is the basic set of tools we require to solve life’s problems. Without discipline we can solve nothing. With only some discipline we can solve some problems. With total discipline, we can solve all problems. Here we are creating a tool – Daily routine and To do List which surely will help us be more disciplined, will help us judge ourselves, will help us make our life magical. It will have checks/reminders/pending list/date wise search etc. in a very practical way.
3) Passion and Goals, Thoughts & More: We all have our passion and our goals. We all get good thoughts for better life. But do we remember it all ? We keep forgetting them. and resultantly we start leading an aimless life, a life full of confused state. Here is the place where you can write, record, edit, upgrade your passion and goals, your thoughts and everything that will help you make your life magical.
4) Much more: The above is just a brief. We all can do much more here. Click on all the menus on the left and you will discover so many ways to live a better life, an organised life, a successful life, a peaceful life, an interesting social life and a magical life.
5)Keep it secret or reveal: For all inputs you give, you have an option to hide it from public or selectively hide it from public or friends or family or to reveal it all. Thus your privacy always remains intact.
Participate, contribute, share and enjoy ! Lets make life magical.
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What is this ?
Below is the short summary of various category under My Life that one can use to make life magical. Read on....
About me: In this link you may write details about yourself and you may choose to hide any details from Public/Friends/Family etc. as per your choice.
Family & Friends: In this link you may find/list out your friends and family to establish connections with them on magiklife.com
Address book: By filling the address book, you can ensure not to misplace/forget any contact details of your family /friend/associates. You may hide any details from Public/Friends/Family etc. as per your choice.
Passion and Goals: To make your life magical, you need to know, write, remember and follow your passion & goals of life. Most of us either have not found out our passion & goals or else we tend to forget them in our day to day activities. Now you can write it, store it online and then follow it for a magical life. You have option to allow or disallow others from reading this.
Daily Routine: To make life magical, we need to follow a discipline, we need to follow a routine & then check how far we really follow it. Here you can do it all that to make life more magical. Children may use it to write and follow their school and other routines.
Thoughts: Everybody, sometimes or the other gets extraordinary thoughts & ideas. But most of us do not write them. And even if we write it somewhere, we lose it. But now you can write & save it for future use. May be, you can end up being a writer ! Give yourself a chance !
Reminder List: Now you will never forget any important day/meeting etc. Enter your reminder list & get reminders through SMS or e-mail as per your choice.
To do List: You can write your ‘to do list ‘or ‘pending work ‘and see it on your mobile /pc. You may also carry forward pending job & use many more useful features here to make your life magical.
My Like List: Liked a song, list it here. Liked a book, list it here. Liked a movie, list it here, Liked a website, list it here. And let your friends /family see it, to follow it.
My Locker: How many times we wished that we have all our important documents, passwords, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, passport scanned copy, driving license scanned copy, birth certificate scanned copy etc. is in one place for easy retrieval as & when needed. Here you can do it all. Check it out.
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