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Terms & Conditions

You must accept and comply with the fact that you are not going to host, post, upload, display, modify, publish, transmit, update or share any facts or contents that:

a) Rightfully belongs to another person. does not have the approval of the owner, havenít been provided with the copyright authority from the third party and lacks of approval of the appropriate owner.
b) In case it defies privacy rights of a third party that comprises of their patent trademark, logo, trade legacy or any other option relating to their business
c) Are objectionable, illicit, abusive, hurting sentiments of any particular religion, caste, pedophilic, offensive, malicious, obscene, provocative, defamatory, indecent, communal or racial thoughts, tracking the children in wrong directions, legal belongings of any third party, illegal, dealing with adult affairs, any other unfair or unlawful things, promoting money laundering or gambling, containing viruses and other harmful objects,
d) Giving instructions regarding any unlawful activity and also trying to promote it
e) Containing any content that is really harmful for the services of the site, containing viruses or any other malfunctioning programs, software or any other computer contrivances
f) Defying any already implemented laws of action
g) Misguiding the addressee about the source of any such messages or highly offensive information
h) Hampering security, sovereignty, secularity, unity and defense system of India also its affectionate terms with foreign states or ridiculing any other nation or preventing investigation of any offence or crime,

MagikLife.com has no claims regarding the ownership of any content that is being posted by you including the suggestions and feedback provided by you in reference to our services. You may share and upload any type of content, feedback and suggestion of your choice provided the fact that it hurts sentiments and emotions of others.

You must accept the fact that the contents as posted by you in this site is under your absolute authority. As you post this content it affirms the fact that it belongs to you only or otherwise has the control of rights posting, uploading and submitting the content. If action is taken for any of your content against MagikLife.com services under your account till now as you allow royalty free right to Magiklife.com and to the public to use reproduce, disclose, exhibit, display, transform, edit, translate, create, distribute or transmit the material without having your name attached along with the Content. You will also prove the fact that MagikLife.com has the right to undertake or use any of the concepts or ideas posted by you even for the promotional and publicity purposes. Further you have to affirm the fact that there is no obligation regarding the usage of the already uploaded contents in MagikLife.com by you.

Any article or content as shared, posted or uploaded by you has the right to be used by the registered and also even by the noon-registered users of MagikLife.com and you. Services as provided by MagikLife.com provide a wide range of public areas that can be accessed by registered users and also by the users those are not registered along with it. You yourself are responsible for the facts and contents as uploaded by you in this site.

As you post your content you affirm the fact that this content is accurate and donít defy any of the contractual or already mentioned limitations or any obligations regarding third party rights. You are the one to decide the extent of revelation of the information to the community involved with MagikLife.com. You should not be dealing any harmful, unlawful, and disadvantageous contents.

MagikLife.com offers its users with lots of social networking facilities like chat rooms, blogs where you are free to share your desirable thoughts, feelings of your choice or based on specified topics. MagikLife.com cannot assure you about the fact that these ideas and thoughts will not be used by other members of this site. So if you are not interested your ideas to be shared or used by other members or visitors then donít publish it.

Again you need to be aware of the fact that MagikLife.com is a connecting platform allowing access of the postings and information to the third parties. MagikLife.com does not

a) Started off with the said transmission
b) Chosen the receiver of the mentioned transmission
c) Altering the information provided in the mentioned transmission

MagikLife.com has no prohibition against monitoring the reviews and contents of the users. MagikLife.com is not responsible for the editing, modifying, removing, deleting of any content. But it surely has the right to review the contents posted in the site and also to delete or remove the post under certain circumstances and correct and rectify that.. Magiklife.com does not permit or authorize infringement of intellectual property rights and reserves the right to remove the content without any prior intimation, upon proper notification that such member uploaded content infringes the intellectual property rights including the copyright of the rightful owner. The contents of this site are meant to be for personal or uses on non-commercial basis. You are also not being allows to use, publish, sale, display the published contents of this site without the prior approval of the owner.

MagikLife.com has the right to reveal the identity information of the past members of this site in case it finds that these members have violated the terms and conditions of the site or were committing any unlawful activities or if MagikLife.com receives a court order or any request from law agencies.

This Agreement is absolutely in accordance with Laws of Union of India. Thus you are consenting hereby to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts in, Kolkata, West Bengal India, regarding disputes against the services of MagikLife.com. It is against law if the services of MagikLife.com are used defying the terms and conditions of the website including this paragraph too. For any claim, demand, or damage, including reasonable attorneys fees, asserted by any third party that arises out of your use or conduct on the Magiklife.com sites/services you hereby agree to compensate and hold Magiklife.com, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and representatives harmless.

In certain cases of grievances you are being advised to contact with Grievance Officer. If you are sure of the fact that you are actual owner of a content and there has been violation of Rule 3 of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines) Rules, 2011 in any of the uploaded contents then you may inform MagikLife.com about the same in the following manner:

a) Requesting through a written document or via email signed with electronic signature that bears the evidence to the fact that the content alleged to be in infringement of your rights as actual owner
b) Supply exact information of the content through the URL that is needed to be disabled on the basis of your views that it contravenes Rule 3(2) of aforesaid ďRulesĒ.
c) Proving declaration along with the proper proof that establishes the fact that you i) actual proprietor of the content to be disabled or ii) as an affected person and also confirming the information submitted by you are completely true and accurate and any kind of material fact is not being stored secretly with you. In addition, you also have to state that Magiklife.com and its Management, Directors, employees, including Grievance Officer shall not be responsible for any loss or damage or claim for relying upon the said request.
d) If needed to be contacted we need your contact addresses that include address, telephone number and email id. All issues and legal disputes are limited to Kolkata jurisdiction only.

MagikLife.com brought you with this service:

As you access, subscribe or view the services as provided by MagikLife.com including any web information data, records related with this site you are bound abide by the terms and conditions on the basis of which these services are being provided to you. If by any chance, terms and conditions of MagikLife.com are not being followed then you should not use such services. You must affirm the fact that you are ready to go for legal agreement and also have the authority to involve others within these lawful affairs. You are not being authorized to avail of the services if you deny following the terms and conditions. As long as you remain to be the subscriber of MagikLife.com you are supposed to follow these laws, rules and regulations. Laws, Terms and Conditions of MagikLife.com may be modified without providing you with any prior information. It is your duty to keep yourself updated with the modified Terms and Conditions. In case you cannot accept the modified versions of Terms then you are advised discontinue with our services. But if you continue then it will be considered that you have agreed with the modified Terms.
MagikLife.com bears the right to modify or alter or terminate with or without any reason. It also has the right to terminate your access to this site with out any prior information.

As you decide to use MagikLife.com then you have to register with this site. For registration purposes you need to provide accurate and complete information or data prompted to do by the Service for maintaining updated information so that accuracy is being maintained. If provided with false, invalid or incomplete information then MagikLife.com has the authority to suspect. In cases it may also terminate with your membership.

The responsibility for maintaining the security of password totally depends on you only. You are not going to reveal it under any obligation to any representative or agent of MagikLife.com. Membership cannot be transferred. You are agreeing to receive conformation from MagikLife.com. It will contact with its users through emails, or through the notices of such site/services. For convenience, this service is provided to you. Following the mentioned Terms and Conditions of the website you may share, upload, transmit any data, photographs, pictures, images, graphics or any other material or a combination thereof ("Content").

Disclaimer about safety of your records:

Utmost care will be taken to preserve your account in the best possible secured manner. However, despite our best of efforts, information theft may happen and you will be accepting this fact by accepting to be a member on this website. Given the rampant hacking and information pilferage even with the best of the websites worldwide, at times things may be beyond our control and there might be un-intentional leakage of your private/confidential information. This should be clearly understood and we shall in no way liable for this irrespective of your monetary, emotional or other losses. You will be accepting this disclaimer by accepting to be a member on this website.
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