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Good Vitamins for Kids
Posted On 4/22/2013 4:59:07 PM By-jagat
Kids tend to be picky eaters and may not receive the amount of vitamins, minerals and supplements that their bodies require. It is important that kids understand the importance of vitamins and how beneficial they are for your body, as they play a role in keeping you healthy and preventing illnesses.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a watersoluble vitamin and due to this, leftover amounts exit through your body when you urinate. It is recommended that kids have a continuous supply of vitamin C in their diet as it is not stored in the body. Kids should consume high sources of vitamin C such as citrus fruits to ensure they get enough. It is needed to form a protein called collagen, which helps to hold cells together, along with making skin, scar tissue and muscles. Vitamin C is also essential for healthy teeth, bones and gums, according to KidsHealth.org. Vitamin C helps to the body to absorb iron, which aids in healthy hair and also calcium. KidsHealth.org recommends getting at least 75 mg of vitamin C a day for boys and 65 mg for girls.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fatsoluble vitamin that helps to make and maintain your skin, soft tissue and mucous membranes. It promotes good vision by helping to make pigments in the eye, according to MedlinePlus. It is also essential for a healthy immune system and is an important vitamin for normal development and growth, according to KidsHealth.org. Sebum, a natural oil, is created by vitamin A and is used to make your skin feel hydrated and fresh. Boys should get around 900 micrograms of vitamin A a day, while girls should get around 700 micrograms.
B Vitamins

The B complex group of vitamins contains eight B vitamins. These vitamins include vitamin B12, which helps to make red blood cells, vitamin B6 that is essential for normal brain function and the break down of proteins, vitamin B1 which helps the heart and muscles and vitamin B3 that is responsible for turning food into energy for the body and assists in maintaining healthy skin.
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