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What do Indian Men think of Women and vice versa?
Posted On 12/28/2015 3:32:00 PM By-Tanmoy
Indian men are no different than Western, African or other Asian men when it comes to human genes and it has nothing to do with skin colour. But the cultures are different. We the Indians are so proud of our culture that we give the best respect to our women. India is a Hindu dominated country and most powerful and respected Hindu Gods are women. Then why the most number of female molestations and physical assaults are taking place in India? Some feminists would also say other than their usual explanations that since the women of India have improved so much in every fields shoulder to shoulder with men, Indian men now have become more jealous of women and thus that jealousy is often being resulted in physical assaults. I would rather oppose that theory because improvement of the status of women in India is very much helping our country progressing ahead but that doesn’t mean that Indian men have suddenly become anti women. The answer lies deep beneath our social root of Indian society. We now live in modern world rather modern India and there are many modern catalysts which are really responsible for these kinds of mishaps.

Bollywood is the second biggest film industry in the world. The difference between Hollywood and Bollywood movies are quite significant. In Bollywood movies or even all kind of Indian regional movies, the hero sings and dances to impress the heroine and often teases her in public to get her attention and acceptance. He constantly teases her with songs, words even by physical touches and the heroine constantly rejects him and refuses his offer. But the most ridiculous part is that in almost every movie, the ultimate result would be in favour of that hero. The heroine ultimately accepts him as her life partner and also accepts all his mischief with a smiling face. No matter if it is a top class or a third grade movie, these movie scripts are always written in the same manner which ends up in a happy climax. Our society, our people and government love these kinds of movies and so does the censor board. Since our society accepts these kinds of movies and our people love to see these kind of movies, all the movie producers also want to make them too for good business and profits. Good business and profit also mean good tax for government. So there is an official acceptance or social stamp always attached on these kinds of scenes in all these movies and we are being raised watching these kinds of movies from our childhood in India. What kind of general impression the general public gets from these movies is that, if it is possible in movies then why not possible in real life? After all, movie scripts are also written based or inspired by the society itself. So, if an Indian man teases an Indian woman and she rejects or refuses constantly that actually doesn’t mean No to that Indian man rather he thinks that if he continues to tease her no matter how she reacts, ultimately he will succeed and get his girl with her smiling face, just like a Bollywood movie. Now the Indian society has started to realise that these Bollywood and regional movies have played their crucial role which ultimately helps increasing the number of eve-teasing in Indian society. I hope the government also listens to that call.

Due to the character limitation of publishing Articles in MagikLife.com, I have published a few paragraphs of this Article in MagikLife.com. So, if you want to read rest of this Article, please visit my Website www.tanmoysarkar.in.
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