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A movie review “Man of Steel”
Posted On 6/19/2013 10:24:35 AM By-Tanmoy
Last Saturday evening, I watched “Man of Steel” at a multiplex theatre in Kolkata and I thought I should share some of my views on this movie with you. When talking about “Superman”, it comes to mind that he is a super human and can do anything. His strength is limitless at least what we have seen in “Superman I, II, III, IV” and “Superman Returns” in 2006. But in this film “Man of Steel”, director Zack Snyder (the director of “300”) thought something different about the strength of Superman. If you say Superman’s strength is beyond a normal human being, what possible limit can you imagine that he can do? We have seen in earlier Superman movies that Superman can rotate the Earth backwards to get back in time, lift an entire continent to space by hand etc. You can imagine far beyond practically limitless. So, if he can lift even a continent, nothing on this planet could be a problem for him. But in this film, director Zack Snyder has shown us that there should be a realistic strength limit for a man like Superman. The word “Realistic” in a science fiction film refers to the possibility even probability of an unusual event based on science. We can accept that argument. It is true that some science fiction films do not follow that logic and show us something so absurd that we can’t even accept the story in the context of realistic science fiction movie. Director Zack Snyder has shown Superman as little different than his predecessors. He looks different, tall and handsome but not the chocolate type handsome hero like his predecessors. Christopher Reeve the first Superman was very good looking and matured Superman compared to the last Superman Brandon Routh in “Superman Returns” who looked more like a college boy. May be there are some reasons for director Zack Snyder not casting Brandon Routh as Superman in “Man of Steel”. Although the script of “Man of Steel” is not the sequel of “Superman Returns” and it starts from the beginning, still Brandon Routh was the young and the latest actor who plays Superman. We have already seen the change of face in Spiderman series and probably will see in Batman series as well because I think Christian Bale wont be seen in next Batman movie as Batman (last Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” gave us the clue) or he will, God knows. But the script of “Man of Steel” demanded fresh face as Superman besides Brandon Routh didn’t become widely popular as Superman. But the present Superman British actor Henry Cavill is a very handsome, matured, tall (Superman must be tall), and most of all more masculine with heavy body packs (director Zack Snyder has got some obsessions with gym toned body from “300”). May be he’ll continue as Superman in next Superman movies as well. We also thought that “S” stands for “Super” and may be the people who created the famous comic character “Superman” in early 30s, also thought “S’ as “Super” and gave the character name as “Superman” but Zack Snyder has told us in his movie “Man of Steel” that “S” actually means “Hope” in Kryptonian language rather than “Super” in English language. All Kryptonians and Humans on Earth, talk in English. Some directors use sub-titles in their movies for foreign languages or sometimes, actors start talking in foreign language and gradually the same flow of talking turns into English. Zack Snyder didn’t use any of those tricks in “Man of Steel”.

Due to the character limitation of publishing Articles in MagikLife.com, I have published only one paragraph of this Article in MagikLife.com. So, If you want to read rest of this Article, please visit my Blog http //worldoftanmoysarkar.blogspot.in
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- Posted by Tanmoy on 6/19/2013 10:27:54 AM
My Blog link is www.worldoftanmoysarkar.blogspot.in
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