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Places to visit before they disappear .
Posted On 4/28/2013 7:26:03 PM By-Sanjana
Due to the climatic changes taking place and human intervention today there are many place disappearing from the map of the world . Some of the place are mentioned as follows
1) The Dead Sea
Due to global warming the ice bergs are melting . This will bring about a change in the salt content of the water in the sea . So , go float on water in Dead Sea before the changes happening in the world climate affecting the composition on salt .
2)The Burren , Irland
The "Burren" means "a rocky place" or "the great rock" in old Irish, derived from the word boirreann. The limestone pavement is eroded and underneath the limestone, the cracks flood when it rains. When it comes to vegetation, the Burren is one of the only places on earth where Arctic, Alpine and Mediterranean plants survive. No matter the season theres always something blooming here wildflowers, ferns, orchids, violets, rock roses and the blue gentianthat became the symbol of the area.
3)The Maldive Island
The place is located in the Indian Ocean . Visit this place before is disappears from the map due to rising sea levels .

4)Ulurukata tjuta National Park, Australia (also known as Ayers Rock)

5)Columbia Icefield, In the Canadian Rockies in North America .
This is one of the scenic places on earth . Truly a paradise . It is disappearing due to melting of the glaciers .

6)Rotorua , New Zealand .
Unlike most of the disappearing natural wonders, Rotorua is more of an ecosystem in transition, rather than completely vanishing. What your eyes will see today might as well not be there tomorrow, because the lands of volcanoes are in a permanent change and the landscapes alters constantly. And because of the underground geothermal activity, steam is leaking through the cracks of the earths surface, creating a magical fogy atmosphere. Rotorua is one of those wonderlands where subterranean live comes out steaming through the lands thickness.

7)Humboldt Redwoods State Park, CA ,
One of our planets most old living things is found in the Redwood forest in California. Trees that were dated over 2,200 years old live in one of the last temperate rain forest on the Pacific Coast of the United States.
Hurry ! Before the forest is destroyed by fire .The rising temperature could cause fire .
8)Great Barrier Reef , Queensland , Australia .
Due to coral bleaching, the Great Barrier Reef is slowly fading. Global warming and increasing carbon dioxide levels are seriously damaging the reef and it is said that by 2030 they will render the reef functionally extinct.
9)Venice , Italy .
It is said to disappear due to rising sea levels .

10) Bangladesh and some areas of West Bengal , India
It is said to disappear due to rising sea levels

11)Aletsch GlacierSwitzerland
This glacier is melting due to climatic change .

12) Denali National Park , Alaska

13)Sahara Desert , Africa
In short, it could arrive to the Mediterranean sea coasts .

14)Eyer Lake , Australia .
The Lake Eyre is a salt lake located in an area characterized by an arid desert crust that, when it is full of water, approximately 400 million tons of salt were dissolved, making this lake ten times more salty than sea water, while during the dry season, it drains away. This area has a dry climate where it never rains except in the rainy season and the risk of drainage is very high because, according to statistics, the lake has been covered by water only three times over the last 160 years and last time was in 2000, when the water reached the middle of the Lake basin. But Lake Eyre, like many other lakes in Australia, has to deal with the threat of dust pollution from sulfuric acid which, if it increases, could severely damage the health of lakess ecosystem and it could be a threat for people health whose live near the lakes.

If you know any other place which belong to this category please say .

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- Posted by RKR on 4/29/2013 9:59:26 AM
Quite impressed with the article. Worth reading and visiting.
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